Thanks for opting in to Weve’s First Party Party

Thank you to those who shared their evening with us at Weve’s First Party Party. Our first party telco data is definitely something to celebrate!

We hope this confidence in our data will enable you to continue delivering market-leading and award-winning campaigns with Weve.

Weve always has been, and always will be, clear on exactly where our data sources are from. Backed by O2, the UK’s leading telco, 23 million UK adults make up our transparent, verified and consented data foundation: creating the most accurate data and location in market, at scale. Our first-party, telco-derived data forms the basis of our market-leading audience intelligence, mobile-led media, and award-winning measurement.

For more on the importance of transparency, verification and consent when it comes to this data, click here.

We’d like to be very transparent and say you all looked fabulous on the night – feel free to verify yourself in the pictures from the night and share around the office and on social – with your colleagues’ consent of course (#weveuk @weveuk).

Please feel free to follow up with your agency rep if you have any questions following the event or contact business@weve.com to find out more on how we can work together in the future.

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