Mobile creative: take advantage of the latest smartphone technology

Rowan Newman, head of creative at Weve, shares her best practices for creating award-winning mobile creative.

The unique technology our phones possess sets mobile apart from any other media. It’s the reason we can make calls, take photos and pay for a coffee without ever reaching for our wallets. Ultimately, it’s the reason our phones have become such an integral part of our daily lives.

The potential for this in-built functionality to create powerful mobile creative should not be ignored. In fact, some brands have found a ten-times higher engagement rate on campaigns that utilise these unique features, which could include anything from the gyroscope, light sensor and accelerometer through to the camera, microphone and touchscreen.

Advertisers can use these sensors to make existing ads feel more mobile-friendly, but most importantly these unique features should be considered from the start and used to power creative ideas. In doing so brands have the opportunity to create rich, immersive ads that are more akin to the engaging experiences we have come to know and love on our phones.

Discover more mobile creative best practices, including Rowan’s, on the IAB.

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