It’s the Year of the Telco

Each year in digital advertising, there are trends that seep into our conversations, conferences and content.

We’ve been heralding the Year of Mobile for what seems like the last decade, most recently focusing on the connectivity our devices provide.

Over recent years, we’ve seen a number of acquisitions in the ad tech space from telcos like Verizon, Altice, and, of course, Telefonica, and it makes sense: their networks underpin the digital ecosystem by powering mobile’s ubiquitous connectivity and providing unrivalled insight at both an aggregated and individual level (a more comprehensive view than information extracted from search or social media activity alone).

As the fragmented, opaque, and largely unverified world of data collection comes under scrutiny post-GDPR, the value of telco-verification becomes clear at a time where brands are pulling ads from social due to ASA criticism of ‘self-reported’ age verification as inadequate.

And in a landscape where we’re increasingly seeking an end-to-end and verified view of consumers and their real-world behaviours, 2018 will be the year that the value of deterministic telco data is actualised: through the billions of network events seen on their networks each day, whether online or offline, passive or active, telcos will become an integral part of the planning, delivery, and measurement of campaigns.

In 2018, verification, transparency, consent, and a clear data-value exchange will be absolutely imperative for all players in the supply-chain, with the telco well placed to connect us to the future.

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Weve is a leading provider of mobile marketing and insight services in the UK and is part of O2. As the only telecommunications company supported media owner, Weve has unique access to first- party, verified data and cellular location data, enabling the most accurate window into consumer behaviour across the physical and digital world in the UK.

All Weve services are underpinned by intelligent data analytics, providing real audience insights based on human behaviour. This allows for the creation of bespoke target audiences, analysis of campaign performance beyond the click and detailed insight into a brand’s potential and existing customers.

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