Mobile technology

Verified location

Our Location Technology Platform enables us to deliver intelligent mobile location-based marketing services. Our platform has over one million pre-cut geo-fences allowing you to target, in real-time, against everything from drive-times to postcode area to places of interest such as stadiums, museums and key shopping districts. We also support bespoke geo-fence creation.

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Data Foundation

Our proprietary data platform is built on a foundation of verified 1st party data. We combine demographic, behavioural and location-data points with mobile-specific data to create targeted segments. We also partner with key third party data providers to enrich our segments further.

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Bring your own data

We see data matching as a core competency. In a secure, privacy compliant environment, we are able to match millions of data records to our core data set using a broad range of parameters. Talk to us about bringing your existing segments into the mobile channel.

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Through our intelligent technology platforms we can provide enhanced data analytics and audience measurement tools to provide insights about your consumers. Using our unique location asset, we have developed a range of footfall measurement techniques. Want to know if your campaign has driven people to store? We can help.

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