Cookies Policy


Cookies are very small files used by browsers, which are either stored in the memory of your computer or mobile device (generally known as session cookies) or saved on the hard drive (these are known as persistent cookies).

These cookies are automatically generated when someone visits a website or other service that uses cookies. Cookies can be used to improve your browsing experience through personalization or they can be completely anonymous and used to measure things like how a site is used, or a shopping basket. Anonymous cookies are most often used to help sites improve what they do. When you consent to accepting cookies, this data is stored for 2 years. Our Authentication and Security cookies are temporary.

Weve uses anonymous cookies to help us improve our site. These count the number of visitors we have and what content they are interested in. This is done using a service provided by Google called Google Analytics. You can read more about Google’s privacy policy  here. Cookies are temporary are stored for 2/3 days and this technology is used by a vast majority of websites and is completely unobtrusive and anonymous, so you can be assured that no personal data is being stored in our cookies.

Linkedin and Twitter cookies are permanent and are used to personalise your experience and allow you to connect without logging in.

If you wish to adjust your browser settings, you can refuse cookies. If you would like to learn how to delete and disable cookies you can visit for more information about turning cookies off.