Brand Safety Policy

Weve are committed to brand safety, ensuring that the brand’s message can only be seen within environments that are brand safe and accretive to the customer experience. We take this very seriously, and use both manual and automated processes to protect our partners. We are constantly iterating upon our policies and procedures in place.

Our delivery partner, Axonix, have a proprietary tool which is used to by the Exchange operations team to verify supply against content categories such as adult, violence, malicious sites and apps, etc. Any supply deemed as unsafe is removed from the exchange before bids can be placed upon it.

The following are some examples of the processes in place:

  • Manual review of contents from top publishers.
  • Adult content, hate speech/violent content, illegal content are strictly blocked.
  • IAB categorisation – only one IAB category is allowed for “sensitive” contents like dating sites
  • Publishers and SSP’s comply to comply with our supply editorial guidelines
  • Implementation of a master whitelist and blacklist.


In addition to the above, we actively act to minimise any potential risk of ad fraud, ensuring that only humans see and engage with our partner’s campaigns. In line with this, Weve utilise a combination of automated and manual processes via our delivery partner, Axonix, to filter out ad fraud and ensure the highest quality of supply.

The following are some examples of ways in which we do this:

  • Automated blocks for bot traffic based on user profiling, device profiling, IP profiling, etc.
  • Monitoring of suspicious activities such as high click to impression ratios, high number of requests from particular supplies, large discrepancies across our supplies.
  • Masked URLs or App names are avoided.
  • Automated processes in place to filter out illegal proxy gateway detection, blacklisted user agents, location masking and missing supply verification parameters (like app bundle or same app ID for multiple apps)

Takedown Policy

In the event that an ad appears in an app which Customer or Client deems inappropriate, Customer should contact their Weve account manager. On Customer’s request, Weve will pause the Campaign while Customer and Weve investigate further. Weve will use best endeavours to action all take down requests received within UK business hours (Monday-Thursday 9am-5.30pm, Friday 9am-5pm) within one Business Day.