Do you know where your data comes from?

Ad-tech companies, for the most part, play on the complexity and fragmentation of the industry, perpetuating it with jargon,buzzwords, and over-complicated propositions.

But we’re not an ad tech company. We’re a telco. Our networks underpin the digital ecosystem by powering mobile’s connectivity and providing unrivalled insight at an aggregated and individual level (a more comprehensive and accurate view than information extracted from search or social media activity alone). That’s why we’ve updated our strapline to three simple words:

T E L C O .  D A T A .  M E D I A .
The most comprehensive view of real people, at scale: powering unrivalled insights, targeting and verified attribution.

We always have been, and always will be, clear on exactly where our data sources are from.

The two billion data events we see as a telco means we see each person over 100 times a day (up to twenty times that of other mobile players): these network events combine to create the most comprehensive, end-to-end view of our customers in market. This first-party, telco-derived data forms the basis of our market-leading audience intelligence, mobile-led media, and award-winning measurement.

As the fragmented, opaque and largely unverified world of data collection comes under scrutiny due to GDPR, ignorance to a data’s source will no longer be an option: consent, transparency and verification are becoming imperative for all players in the supply-chain.

Do you know where your data comes from when planningexecuting and measuring campaigns?

Book a session here to find out what telco data means for you.

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