Weve gets IAB UK Gold Standard membership - Weve - Telco. Data. Media.

Weve gets up IBA UK Gold Standard membership

IAB UK is committed to raising standards in digital advertising so that together we can build a sustainable future for the industry.

As an IAB UK member, Weve will implement a series of best practice initiatives that will underpin a Gold Standard for digital advertising in the UK.

This Gold Standard programme will be open to all IAB UK members trading in digital advertising, though initially this project is being spear headed by the IAB UK Board as part of their commitment to raising standards in digital advertising and building a sustainable future.

Initially the Gold Standard has three simple but fundamental aims – to reduce ad fraud, to improve the digital advertising experience and to increase brand safety by implementing three specific initiatives.

In the future, the Gold Standard could expand to cover other aspects such as audience measurement and viewability.

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