Weve to provide enhanced location data solution through Axonix acquisition of location intelligence solutions firm Statiq

10 March 2017

Today mobile marketing provider, Weve, which is part of O2, is pleased to share the news that Axonix, the data first programmatic trading platform that is part of the Telefónica group of companies, has acquired the market leading digital media and mobile advertising organisation, Statiq. It boasts the UKs most accomplished set of location based audience data that will now be shared through the Axonix specialist mobile ad exchange.

The acquisition means that Weve, which is integrated with Axonix technology, will offer UK advertisers an enhanced and expanded location data solution, by bringing together Statiq’s GPS-based footfall measurement and valuable Weve insights based on aggregated and anonymised telco and Wifi data from O2. It will mean customers benefit from more targeted and personalised advertising and marketing from organisations that can differentiate themselves better in competitive mobile markets.

Timothy Finn, CEO, Statiq said, “Location intelligence has become a critical capability for digital marketers across all channels. Location-based mobile advertising in particular is fast becoming a key competitive differentiator as mobile ad players enjoy the benefits of providing a highly personalised, relevant and timely user experience.  This type of location data is highly valued on exchanges – uniting Statiq’s data and analytics products with the Axonix programmatic platform we are able to enrich the whole experience for brands and agencies.”

Simon Bailey, CEO of Axonix said, “We are delighted to welcome Statiq into Axonix. The expertise, skills and understanding of location data that Tim and his team bring with them is unparalleled. Combining this with the unique and verified Weve data sets will create a significantly superior and differentiated product set in the UK.”

Commenting on the acquisition, Tom Pearman, Managing Director of Weve, said: “By bringing Statiq’s location expertise and technology together with Weve’s existing telco and Wifi data, UK advertisers and their media agencies will be able to gain greater insights into audience behaviour and campaign performance, which will further improve advertising and marketing. This level of granularity in Weve’s offering will be unprecedented in the current market and it’s something we’re keen to promote in an effort to provide customers with more targeted ads.”

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