Tom Pearman’s predictions for mobile in 2017

What drives consumers along the automotive purchase journey?

Mobile in 2017 is set to be a fascinating year driven by machine learning and underpinned by super-charged data. But with this rapid acceleration towards an increasingly connected world, privacy and consent will be paramount.

As we move towards programmatic trading ubiquity across all digital platforms (including mobile, desktop, tablet, TV and OOH), machine learning will stem from the high quality technology in market. The true value, however, will continue to lie in data, driving value in the digital market with increased accountability and scrutiny over data sources. Research shows that clients and agencies are increasingly demanding to understand where their data is from, leading to the need for more robust and verified data sets. As this trend grows, the ‘black box’ digital models will start to erode as greater transparency is demanded.

As greater transparency becomes the norm, the need for every part of the industry to comply with regulation in light of GDPR will grow too – not only in a bid to grow our sector but to help clean up the industry of all its ambiguity. Despite the turbulent economic climate, a number of ad tech IPOs are expected in 2017, potentially starting with the IPO of Snap Inc.

Continuing in the consumer facing world, IoT (and connected homes in particular) will become commonplace, with the growth in AI and voice powered tech through the likes of Amazon Echo.

Whatever happens next year, 2017 will surely be a ground breaking year for mobile. So much will change and new challenges will appear, but the power of the mobile device will only grow; the companies that can best align themselves to fast streams of growth will become stronger and more successful.

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